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We’re excited to announce the launch of Hoss, a platform for tracking and managing the APIs companies consume to help them make better API-driven products. Today, countless companies rely on third-party APIs to power their products – from ecommerce and delivery services to telehealth providers. But most teams are not prepared to meet the demands of an increasingly API-driven world. We believe that APIs will ultimately transform how products are built in every industry, so our launch includes a free version of our product to make deeper visibility and reliability accessible to all.

Hoss gives companies the ability to track, monitor and manage the APIs they consume and rely on to power their businesses. Most companies have reliability issues and visibility gaps around the performance of the APIs they consume, which has a direct impact on their customers’ experience, and ultimately, the lifetime value for their business. And yet today, half of companies say they don’t track the APIs they consume at all.

We are acutely aware that we are launching our solution during a unique moment in history when effective API tracking and management is more critical than ever to keep deliveries, online transactions and contact-free interactions running smoothly. Even outside of a global pandemic, 83% of all web traffic can be attributed to APIs, and the wide array of APIs that businesses consume continues to become more varied and complex.

The recent State of the Cloud 2020 report by Bessemer Venture Partners predicted that “the API universe will drive innovation across all industries” and that “nearly every industry will be reinvented by an API.” We think it will be imperative for companies to have the right tools to thrive in this rapid state of growth. At Hoss, our goal is to help companies build better products and deliver superior customer experiences in an increasingly API-driven world.

Colloquially, “Hoss” can be a term of endearment for someone who is strong and dependable. We think that sums up what our customers count on us for: deep visibility and better customer experiences through more reliable integrations.

We are excited to have officially launched and look forward to being the dependable partner and API-tracking Hoss our customers need. We’re grateful to our supportive investors, community, and to Y Combinator, whose make something people want mantra has guided our development at every step. We’re in full Hoss mode now!

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