The Developer Experience Platform

Hoss is a developer experience platform that gives teams the essential tools they need to deliver a world-class customer experience. Delight developers with a unified knowledge hub, provide them powerful developer dashboards, gain critical insights into product usage, and automate developer success campaigns.

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Trusted by the best

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  • AssemblyAI
  • Deepgram
  • Zentail
  • Newcraft
  • Weav
  • GitStart
  • Handle
  • Zenbusiness
  • Vertify
  • Alka
  • Laserfocus
  • Snap Kitchen

What does Hoss do?

  • Knowledge Hub & Docs

    Delight developers with a destination that includes everything they need to be successful. The Hoss unified knowledge hub delivers next-gen docs, tutorial libraries, API reference, help center and more.

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  • Developer Dashboard

    Your customers expect a robust developer dashboard that gives them tools to more efficiently build and manage their integration.

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  • API Analytics

    See how your customers are using your API, track core product KPIs, uncover what issues they run into, and enable teams to deliver a WOW developer experience.

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  • Success Automation

    If you’re using APIs, you have a responsibility to track and control shared personal data. Audit logs and data policy controls can help ensure compliance with CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, PCI and other data privacy regulations.

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Why Hoss?

Developer Obsessed

Our mission is to empower the best teams to deliver world-class developer experiences.


We believe developer experience can and should be a differentiator. Hoss provides the tools and support to create an entirely unique experience that fits your company and products.

More Than Docs

Hoss is a developer experience platform that includes everything teams need to deliver a world-class developer experience: a unified knowledge hub, developer portal, API analytics and success automation.

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