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About GitLab

GitLab is a web-based tool for DevOps procedures, providing a Git-repository manager with wiki, issue-tracking, and CI/CD pipeline features. GitLab offers an API to enable users the power to operate GitLab their way.

The powerful GitLab API allows users to automate GitLab with an intuitive and customizable interface. The main API is a REST API with an endpoint at Feature updates and bug fixes are released on the 22nd of every month, with the GitLab API currently in version v4.


  • An example is shown\ curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: \*\*\*\*" "http://gitlab/api/v3/projects/:project_id:/merge_requests/:mr_id:/commits"\ Similarly, users that commited can be found by using "merge_requests/:mr_id:" instead
  • GET /projects/:id/respository/tree will list files and directories\ To get directories of main/sub/goal, you would use:\ GET /projects/:id/respository/tree?path=main/sub/goal
  • Use the repository files API to upload. See link:


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