Customer centric API analytics

Hoss analytics helps API product teams capture the critical insights they need to understand their customers and make better product decisions.

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Meet Hoss Analytics

See how your customers are using your API

Measure what matters and build better products.

  • How is my product used?
  • Which features are the most popular?
  • Who are my power users vs. casual customers?
  • Where are users dropping off in onboarding?
  • Who are my most retained customers?
  • What customer acquisition sources lead to the most engaged customers?
  • What about least engaged?
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API product teams that that leverage Hoss Analytics:

  • Better understand your customers

    Answer critical product-related questions by deeply understanding customer usage.

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  • Improve your API offering

    See which features are the most popular for each customer segment and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Improve lifetime value & retention

    Identify critical milestones that reduce churn and identify at-risk customers.

  • Identify the best customer acquisition channels

    Understand which channels are driving the most engaged customers.

  • Increase funnel conversion rates

    See where you can improve your sign up funnel and onboarding experience.

  • Expand current customer accounts

    See which behaviors indicate upsell opportunities.

  • Optimize pricing

    Improve pricing, packaging and messaging.

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  • AssemblyAI
  • Deepgram
  • Zentail
  • Newcraft
  • Weav
  • GitStart
  • Handle
  • Zenbusiness
  • Vertify
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  • Laserfocus

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