Hoss Hangout with Brandon Satrom: Prioritizing Developer Success

Brandon Satrom is the director of developer experience at Blues Wireless. As an experienced leader with a background in strategy, architecture, software development and developer advocacy, Brandon provides unique insight on all things DX and DevRel. In this Hoss Hangout, we talk to Brandon about the exciting frontier of developer experience, community and the importance of prioritizing developer success in all that DX and DevRel teams do.

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Stefania Olafsdottir is a mathematician, philosopher and genetic researcher turned data scientist. She was the head of data at QuizUp, a mobile game app, before co-founding [Avo](, a company changing the way organizations use data to make better decisions for their customers.
In this Hoss Hangout, we talk to Tanay about the power of great content, including its ability to shape the culture of a developer community, and how to approach creating a meaningful content strategy from scratch. He also shares wisdom about collecting important feedback from a community and lessons learned from his experience as employee number three at n8n.
The API universe is exploding with growth. There are new entrants daily, both new API oriented startups and larger enterprises offering new services to customers. This growth has raised the bar for what developers expect from companies that offer APIs. Companies that see this transformation coming and understand that wowing developers is critical will thrive and those that don’t will find their customers going elsewhere.

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