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One of the biggest concerns when using third-party APIs in development is the management of sensitive data, particularly in the realm of personally identifiable information (PII). This is where data masking comes into the picture.

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A Guide to GDPR Compliance When Using Third-Party APIs

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The average small-to-medium-sized team uses 18 APIs to power their applications - and 50% of all B2B collaboration occurs using an API. But did you know that there are unique data privacy and compliance challenges associated with using these third-party APIs? As an engineering or IT leader, it’s important to be familiar with those challenges and implement proactive strategies to protect your customers’ privacy and stay compliant.
All businesses that handle the personal information of Canadians, regardless of where they are based, are subject to PIPEDA (you can double check if you’re subject to PIPEDA here) – and the law lays out some specific requirements when it comes to sharing data with third parties.

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