Niantic is acquiring Hoss! Read the full announcement here.

Niantic is acquiring Hoss!

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Today marks an exciting new beginning for Hoss. We’ve officially been acquired by Niantic, the leader in AR technology and publisher of the highly successful Pokémon GO game. 

Over the last several years we’ve been helping companies deliver a world-class developer experience through our developer portal and API analytics products. Our customers have been able to provide a Stripe-like experience to their customers and gain critical insights into API usage. Companies like Stripe and Plaid have shown that developers are more influential than ever and delighting them can be a powerful competitive advantage.

As true believers in the importance of developer experience, Niantic will be using the Hoss platform to WOW developers building on their upcoming AR Lightship platform. You can read more about Lightship at

We’re beyond excited to be joining the Niantic team at such an exciting time in their history. The Lightship platform will change the way companies deliver amazing AR experience and accelerate the pace of innovation for the entire industry.

We’re here today because of our customers, Y Combinator, investors, advisors, friends, and family. We can’t thank you all enough for the support throughout this journey. We sincerely thank you and are forever grateful.

(The Hoss Founders on the first day of Y Combinator)

The Hoss Team

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