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About Adobe Sign

The Adobe Sign API empowers developers to integrate core Adobe Sign functionalities into their applications. The API can be utilized for creating and managing agreements, retrieving signed documents, embedding a signing UI into applications, sending reminders, and much more.


  • Check out on the OAuth integration process. Go through the following steps to ensure you've executed OAuth Process correctly\ 1. Ensure that you've used the correct Client ID and Redirect URI\ 2. The scopes listed in Authorization URL are the exact same as the scopes given in the Adobe Sign application.\ 3. You have used the correct shard (na1, na2, au1, eu1, jp1) depending on the account being configured.\ 4. Check that there are no spaces in the authorization URL (if any).\ 5. Check the syntax of the Authorization URL:\\ response_type=code&client_id=9MEJXY4Y4R7L2T&scope=agreement_send

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