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About MusixMatch

With the Musixmatch lyrics API, you can quickly and easily display your favorite song lyrics on your website without having to jump through a million legal hoops (MusixMatch takes care of that for you). Musixmatch lyrics API to find and retrieve the lyrics of hundreds of thousands of songs, and getting started is simple.

Before getting set up with Musixmatch lyrics API, you’ve got to take a look at the API Terms & Conditions and Privacy policies to protect you and Musixmatch from liability. Next, register to get your API key so you can start making calls. Finally, integrate Musixmatch lyrics API with your application or website, and your ready to share your favorite song lyrics, legally.


  • Let's assume you're using the Python SDK - though if you're using an SDK for another language, the process will probably be the same. If you take a look at the swagger-client source code, you'll notice that in []( -> _call_api, the result from the call is deserialized by default - this is what leads to the empty payload. You'll want to _preload_content = False. You'll want to grab the swagger.json provided by [Musixmatch](, generate the python (or another language) client code with the [Swagger Spec](, install the module, and then run.


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