Automate developer success campaigns

Hoss helps companies create more meaningful customer connections, improve conversion funnels, and reduce churn. Integrate existing success and growth stack to ensure a 360 view of the developer journey and engage customers at the right time.

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Engage developers with the right message at the right moment

  • Build relationships

    Create more meaningful developer relationships by personalizing their experience and providing more value add content and support on their terms.

  • Increase lifetime value

    As the developer journey becomes more complex, it’s critical that teams are empowered to support developers for the long term.

  • Reduce churn

    Identify at-risk customers and proactively solve issues before they result in churn. Trigger automated campaigns and alert enterprise account executives.

  • Trusted by the best

    • Xendit
    • AssemblyAI
    • Deepgram
    • Zentail
    • Newcraft
    • Weav
    • GitStart
    • Handle
    • Zenbusiness
    • Vertify
    • Alka
    • Laserfocus

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